40 Perfectly Captured Motion Blur Photographs


Motion blur photography is accomplished using slow shutter speeds, panning, or zooming, and can yield very cool results.   By moving either the camera or the subject, an awesome sense of motion and action can be captured using these techniques.

This collection showcases 40 perfectly captured motion blur photographs.  From travel to sports, dice, pool, and playgrounds, these photographers have managed to perfectly capture the motion in their photographs using motion blur techniques.

All photos are linked to their sources, so consider checking out each photographer’s portfolio for more awesome photos.

Photo by Coda

Photo by Mr. Bones

Photo by Expectation Maximization

Photo by Lindsay Hope

Photo by Seeminglee

Photo by Black_Z

Photo by Amnemona

Photo by Aloha Lavina

Photo by The Monnie

Photo by JCowboy

Photo via SuperTightStuff

Photo by Sara Heinrichs

Photo by Isaac Photo

Photo by Toby Keller

Photo by Patrick Smith

Photo by flickrgao

Photo by Natasha Mhatre

Photo by inaainae

Photo by Leighton

Photo by Mace2000

Photo by jurvetson

Photo by rosendahl

Photo by thebmag

Photo by maxblack

Photo by Timothy K Hamilton

Photo by smileitsshan

Photo by Trance Elbow

Photo by bumpkinbwoy

Photo by Drew Wilson

Photo by 13th Witness

Photo by Fabio Venni

Photo by WisDoc

Photo by Laanba

Photo by Fabio Venni

Photo by Rik Miller

Photo by Black_Z

Photo by NorthbayWanderer

Photo by Aaron Reed

Photo by mrullmi

Photo by Rosendahl

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